Thoughts about the UFC 219 match

As you know, on Saturday 30th December i fought in Las Vegas in the UFC 219 card. My opponent was Omari Akhmedov and the judges opted for a majority draw, as one of them voted for my victory, while the others voted for a draw.

Then I decided to write this post to tell you my thoughts about it.

I came to the match thinking I was better than him in the striking. I saw him fighting in previous matches in the Octagon and I knew his striking was not technical, as he uses it to go for the takedowns, especially for the double leg, which is probably his best technic.

I thought he was quite good at ground game (mistakenly, as I was better than him during the match) and so I tried to fight standing, thinking I was better. I fought defending myself from the takedown, so I didn’t use the low kick, avoiding letting him grab my legs and bring me to the ground.

During the first round, my thought about his striking was confirmed. Though, I was surprised about the strength of his fists, as they were strong and efficient. Both of us landed with strong punches, and I believed he had won that round, although there was no huge difference.

The second round was tied, too. Anyway, I believe I should have won that, taking into account the submission I was about to close the match with.

About the third round, not much has to be said, I dominated as two of three judges gave to me the round with a 10-8.

My opponent had a very good chin. He went though very strong fists and kicks and he never gave up. Probably this ability was due to his smaller weight cutting in order to enter in the middleweights division and not the welterweights.

Although I found it more difficult than I expected, I think that I was the one to win the match, and I didn’t like the judges’ decision.

If there’s something I might be blamed for, it is the strategy I used during the match. We focused on the takedown defence, but I would have won with a ground game, too.

Anyway, this is done and nothing can be done to change that. I believe that I showed my iron chin and also that I don’t have any breath-problems, as someone says, especially in the third step when I pushed hard as in any other round.

I feel improved and I believe that the 2018 will be my year.
The main goal of the next 12 months will be fighting 3 matches and winning all of them. Those will be the first step in order to become the way to the top and become the champion of the middleweight division.
I promise you, one day, i’ll take that belt!

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