8 days to the UFC 219: The training camp is finished!

We are only one week away from the UFC 219, when I’m going to come back to the Octagon of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

My last match was 6 months ago, and I spent this time keeping on training, twice a day, to become stronger: from the striking, to the ground game, to the conditioning.

The camp went really great. I feel way better than any time in my life: stronger, faster, and tougher. Unstoppable.

Yesterday I finished my last strength and condition training with my trainer PJ Nestler.

The training consisted in different phases. First we focused on power, than on endurance and cardio.

Now, 8 days far from the match, the preparation is finished and the next step will be focused on my body; this step is called “tapering”. My body, outputting all the stimuli it received during my training, will be ready to restore my normal physiological levels, and, at the same time, to increase my metabolic supplies, improving metabolism, breathing and muscular efficiency. In this way I will be at the top of my condition shortly.

During those days I’m going to train just a bit, in order to sharpen my technique.

The preparation for UFC 219 is finished, and now we are looking forward to coming back to the cage on the 30th December, ready to destroy my opponent!

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