10 Days to the UFC 219 weigh-in: the weight situation

We are 11 days to my fourth match in Ultimate Fighting Championship and 10 days to the weigh-in. The preparation is done and now I only need to cut the weight in order to be included in my category: the middleweight division (84 Kg)

As you saw in the photos I posted on the social, my body condition is always high, because I don’t want to stress my body too much in order to be included in that category.

Comparing to the previous match, my muscle mass has increased, especially on my legs. So my weight from 94 Kg has increased to 97. Now I weight 93 kg, and I’m keeping losing weight, though not involving the energies I need for the last trainings for the match.

As always, the most delicate moment will be the last 24 hours, when I’m cutting most of the weight. Everything is done carefully: no saunas, no runnings and other things you usually watch on TV that I consider counter-productive. The only important purpose is to face the match at the top of my energies.

Once we set the 186 pounds (84,5 Kg) on the UFC scale, we will continue with the recharge-step, in which carbohydrates will play an important role, as they are the 70% of the total calorie intake.

Thanks to this method, I will manage to enter the cage with 9 kg more than the previous day and at the top of my condition, ready to face another match.

So the event is on the 30th December in Las Vegas. UFC 219: Marvin Vettori vs Omari Akhmedov.

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