30 days until my coming back to the UFC 219 cage!

We are really close.

I’ve been looking forward to coming back to the cage since the 25th of June. Five long months are gone and now only 30 days to the match are left.

As you know, my next opponent will be Omari Akhmedov, we are fighting in Las Vegas on the 30th December in UFC 219.

As always I will face the match at the top of my condition.

Although I train every day, the month before the match is always the most intense, because I feel very close the moment when I will enter the cage.

The more I get closer to the match, the more thrill I feel: I know that I’m going to face another war, but I’ll face it without any fear, because all the sacrifices I make have to be paid off in the Octagon.

During those weeks I will tell you something about what I do before the match. I’m keeping training at the Kings MMA without any problems: every day I train twice, in the morning and in the afternoon, and I do not overlook anything, from the striking, to the grappling, to the conditioning.

As always I want to come to the match at the top, because the aim is not only winning, but doing it convincingly. And I know that when I’m at the top, no one can beat me.

It’s my fourth match in UFC, and it will be also unusual, because lots of guys from Team Vettori are coming from Italy to Las Vegas to cheer for me, and I won’t disappoint them, and you, who follow me every day.

You know my goal: becoming the first UFC Italian champion.

On the 30th of December you will see a beast entering the cage!

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