Weight situation: 8 Days before the match

We’re very close. In 8 days I’m getting again in the UFC cage to fight against Vitor Miranda during the UFC Fight Night 112 on the 25th June in Oklahoma City.

The camp has just finished and from Monday the unloading and maintenance step is starting.

But one of the most delicate steps in an athlete’s life, the weight-cutting, has already begun for few days. So i decided to talk a bit about it.

As you can see in the pictures I usually post on socials, my condition is always high. I always try not to make myself heavier and to keep a low percentage of fat, in order not to need to make an important weight-cutting before matches. I usually succeed in doing it, as I always try to eat healthy and to train constantly.

Before starting my weight-cutting step, I weighted 95 kg (209.4 lbs). With my nutritional advisors Matteo Capodaglio and Claudio Lombardo, we modified my nutritional plan, slightly reducing calories but keeping the macronutrients percentage stable.
So now I weight 91,2 kg (201 lbs) and in 7 days I’m going to weight 84,4 kg (186 lbs). The last 24 hours will be the most important because there I’ll lose most of the weight. This is going to be done scientifically, modifying the balance of renin, angiotensin, aldosterone and vasopressin. In this way I’m avoiding making an ‘old school’ cut, with fasting, saunas and lack of hydration, that might affects negatively my match and be risky for my health.

Once on the scale, thanks to my advisors, we will continue with the recharge, when carbohydrates will play the biggest role, as they will affect the 70% of the total calories. That will allow me to go into the cage weighting 92/93 kg (203/205 lbs) and, most of all, full-charged.

Nothing has been given to the chance and I’m sure on the 25th my team and I will reap the fruits of our labor!

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