Finally coming back to the UFC Octagon!

I’ve been waiting this moment for several weeks and, after more than one skipped matches due to my rivals’ refusals, here we are with another big match: Vitor Miranda – UFC Fight Night 112- 25th June – Oklahoma City.

I’ ve always been saying that I felt I was improving, training after training, but this time there’s something more: every single block seems to be in the right place.

Deciding to settle down in California was the best choice I could ever make. Now the Kings MMA is not just the gym where I trained for 2 months before a match, it became my house. And having the opportunity to deal with very strong and challenging athletes day by day, has made my improvement faster in any field: technical, athletic and psychological. Because the goal has always been the same: becoming the UFC middleweight champion.

Since the first day I began to practice this sport, this has always been my goal and there wasn’t a moment in which I put all my forces to achieve it.

Now that I managed to train daily in the way I always wanted to, I feel as I’m becoming unstoppable and I’ll show you in three months.
On the 25th June there’ll be the first step toward the title and I’m sure that in the match you will see a beast coming into the cage!

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