My typical day during my preparation in USA

Many of you asked me about how I organize my day here in Los Angeles when I am in the training camp. So I decided to reply through this new post on my blog.

My alarm clock rings every morning at 8. I have breakfast, following my nutritionists Capodoglio and Lombardo’s dietary plan, I take my supplements and I’m ready to begin my training day.

I get in the car and I go to the Kings MMA. My first trainings start at 10. Generally, the first hour is for the striking with my head coach Rafael Cordeiro, well-known trainer thanks to his knowledge about the Muay Thai. During the second hour I focus on the wrestling and the cage work. On this aspect Mark Munoz, well-known to people keen on UFC, often helps us.

At about 12, the morning session ends. I drive to my house and I have lunch. I often relax during these hours in order to be ready to cope with the afternoon session.

After the rest, according to my physical condition, I go to a message therapy to lighten my muscular stress. This is due to the demanding and challenging training I do.

Then there is the second session. During it, according to the days, I do my athletic training with Corey Beasley or the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in the Gracie Barra Irvine, where there are always some Black Belts who can help me. Basically I am the one who fights restlessly, or with short pauses, while they fight in rotation. An other very strong guy in the wrestling usually comes and he always helps and advices me about the trainings.

Everything ends at 10 p.m.. I drive back home, have lunch, relax a bit and at midnight I go to bed, setting my alarm clock at 8 a.m., ready to start another tough training day.

I do all this six days a week, from Monday to Saturday. On Sunday i finally have my deserved rest, during which I try to take my mind off and to prepare psychologically to a new training week.

Of course it is not a holiday life, but I do believe that this is the right way through which I can achieve the goals I’m looking for. Training with this high and challenging rhythm has never been for me a weight, as I can count on UFC honorable athletes, who are always willing to teach me something new.

The path is tough and uneasy, but I’m sure I have the possibilities and the attitude to achieve my goals, so i’m looking forward to fight on the 30th December in the UFC 207: that will be Antonio Carlos Jr’s time to get who really am I!

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